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I wonder if I’ll be able to run a sub 5 mile this spring. My 1:10 400 repeats w/ ease say yes but my pain in my knees when I run that fast say no.

there is a time and a place to run fast….


but not on your easy days before workouts. I mean if you want to burn out go for it but if somebody’s PRs speak for themselves, chances are they’re doing it right.
just saying.




She went to Bowdoin? They’re DIII. Good choice Joan

My friends when they come to my meets



They’re just like


Your friends go to your meets?

Feeling good cause I got a 99% on the econ exam I thought I failed, I finally understand my calc homework now because I taught myself it, my speech for lobbying is coming along nicely, it’s snowing, I am feeling more like a business student, and I actually understand the stuff that is going to be on my com exam tonight.


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Me, explaining to my friend how running works:


Boston Strong

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It’s 5:30AM. My friends are dropping me off near the start line of my most recent marathon. I slept for exact 2 hours the night before. All I have is my iPod, my number, and my gels. And I walk away from the car having exactly two thoughts:

What the fuck am I doing awake this early to run?

I’m kicking ass, that’s what I’m doing.

And yeah… That’s pretty much what goes through my mind before every race.


hey hi question this is for science

what kind of sound does a balloon that is letting out air make? How would you type it in a text?


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