Do I run when it’s a higher temperature but lower humidity or when it’s a lower (but still high) temperature and higher humidity.


Anonymous asked:

Why do you have to compare Alexa and Mary?

Because Alexa is the closest person you can use to compare Mary wit.h Seeing that they (were) both in high school. Both are running times way faster than other high schoolers. And they both race middle distance. Not to mention they are in the same era. (you could use Jordan Hasay I guess but that’s years back and things are different now then they were when Hasay was a high schooler)

Anonymous asked:

Do you not like any runners trained by Alberto Salazar?

Oh I love Mo Farah! It’s just that Mary Cain being trained by him makes everything waaaaay less spectacular to me. She does what she’s doing without him as coach, id probably fan girl over her. But yet, she has him. So no more hype from me I say while she’s probably running connected to a million tubes and on an aqua treadmill. ALEXA ON THE OTHER HAND. She still golden girl for me.

Anonymous asked:

I'm not attacking you, but why don't you like Mary Cain :( I know its your opinion, but why?

I did type a whole thing about it but I don’t want to argue with others so basically in main points:

  • I don’t like the hype around her
  • Yeah it was her body but Alberto Salazar has excess to like everything in the world to make her fast which takes away the awe of her records from me
  • Alexa Efraimson is breaking records as well and she isn’t even trained under a professional coach
  • The whole going pro thing after high school.
  • People compare her to Prefontaine???
  • Alberto Salazar 

Anonymous asked:

How many miles can you run right now? Did you just stop running for a while? Just curious!

Idk how many miles I can run right now, probably like 5, but for training I’m only doing 2.5 miles. And yeah this past year has been weird! Last summer I ran a lot, then I took the winter off to gain muscle, then in the beginning of spring I ran again then stopped…again. And now I’m just getting back into with an actual training schedule. 2 weeks in and so far so good! Hopefully I’ll be back in the game by track season :)